I love photography. The mystery of appearance an image on the paper in a dark room has been amazing me from childhood. I grew up working with a film camera, passing from film to digital technology.

I am a professional photographer. For ten years I have been busy with all types of photography, but, I find myself in true harmony by taking photos of Nature and Children – two main constituents, that making foundation of the life on out planet.

Nature is a sacred force, that fulfills and give me an inspiration, so I try to pass and make it evident in my works. I am taking each occasion to go into wilderness. From valleys full of life and sounds through forests to the highest peaks, where one can hear the silence of the Universe – the Nature is so versatile and each place is so unique!

Collaborate with children is an amazing experience. There is a little sun inside of every baby that is shining through their expressive eyes and smiles. They are pure, natural, spontaneous and unpredictable!

Our world is magical and full of amazing moments. Moments are timeless and will never be repeated again, so I give them eternal life by capturing in photographs, that become finite models of an infinite world.

Before to make a shoot I am trying to concentrate and to find myself in the present moment. It opens new perspectives and suddenly many old and familiar environments emerge in new patterns and ways.

Every image represents a moment that tells a story and together they create gripping narration about our life.

During my visits to South Tyrol I fell in love with those amazing places in the heart of the Alps and two years ago it became home for me and my family, after we have shifted here permanently.

I truly enjoy interacting with people so I work with them everywhere – in the open air, in the studio or in the comfort of a private space.

If you are interested in speaking with me about my work or purchasing any of my art, please feel free to contact me.

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