Hi! I am Alexandra Demyanova – Ukrainian photographer. Now I am here in Calgary and pleased to present my photographs.
Photo hunting is one of my passions. I love to hunt for lights and shadows, people and animals, wild nature and urban architecture - our world is so multifaceted. If we just stop and change the way we look at it we will see many new things in an old familiar environment. I am trying to capture these moments, which will never be repeated, and give them a new eternal life in a frame. These arts are like finite models of our infinite world.
I do love colors but some parts of my works are in black and white - I want to bring attention to this matter. I use black and white to exclude all insignificant details on the photo and to mark out the main important shapes. Black and white photography helps me to create new perspectives on reality and to give new meanings to contours and shapes we see everyday.
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