Photographic exhibition "Canada"

February - September 2012.

Art-Press Gallery, Lotsmansky spusk 10, Dnipro, Ukraine.


I am very pleased to announce my photographic exhibition, titled "Canada", has opened in Dnipro, Ukraine. During my trip to Canada in 2011 I photographed the spectacular sights from central to Pacific Canada.

I traveled through the central Canadian prairies, across the entire Rocky mountain range, and ended up where the Pacific ocean meets Canada's gorgeous western coastline.
The pristine nature of Canada took my breath away! The vastness of the land and the untamed wilderness made me feel like I was the first person to set eyes upon it. I was also amazed to see so many wild creatures, not only in the wilderness, but also in the cities.
I was fortunate to gather a large collection of photographs capturing this exquisite experience of Canada. The best of all these photographs have been arranged into a collection which is on display at Art-Press Gallery.
The exhibition contains 32 photographs and open Monday to Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM, from February until September 2012.

Come to see Canada, like you have never seen it before: close-up and personal!

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